Instructions to access the Webcast

The workshop will be webcast live over two channels, one in English and the other in Spanish, with the possibility of interacting with the panelists/experts through a "chat room". To access these channels, please follow the following instructions:

Any internet browser can be used but it is necessary to have previously installed the last version of Flash Player ( as well as have access to a broadband link, to be used specifically to receive the transmission.

Transmission in English:
Transmission in Spanish:

The web site (for Spanish) and (for English) has a main window where the live transmissions can be followed. Underneath this link, the chat forum can be found, as the designated space for the interaction among online participants. After writing and sending the first comment, an instant message will appear requesting a nickname. We recommend that the nickname be made up of: Name, Media affiliation, and Country of residence, separating each by an underscore, so we can have this information at all times and save up time during the interactions.

Participants can send their questions or comments at all times. Experts, via chat, will respond to some of the questions, and others will be read out loud by the moderator of the workshop so that they can be answered, on air, during the transmission.

Spokespersons/Agencies abroad:

We recommend accessing the transmission through the previously mentioned sites (English or Spanish). Afterwards, make up a Nickname in the following order: Name of spokesperson, Agency and Country (separating each by an underscore). This way you will be able to interact with others (mostly receiving questions) and subsequently, respond to additional or pending questions, while maintaining the interaction with the audience and giving out additional information (links, info, etc.)